UNiTing Race Relations

Beginning in Fall 2020 and in collaboration with the Student Government Association, we created the dialogue series UNiTing Race Relations. The chosen participants will partake in six, hour and a half sessions led by trained facilitators. Each group will have 5 – 15 participants that will meet via Zoom over the Fall semester allowing those with common racial identities, known as INTRAgroups, to share their perspectives. Participants MUST attend their first assigned INTRAgroup session to continue with the program.

Pre-work, which includes viewing, listening, and/or reading short videos and articles, are encouraged for review before the INTRAgroup sessions for better reflection and participation. In the Spring semester, we will unify healthier race relations when we meet again for six facilitated INTERgroup dialogues (between those of differing racial identities). If you are interested in the pursuit of further reflection and exploration of positive race relations here at UNT and beyond, please fill out the following survey by Wednesday, September 2, 2020.


You can hear perspectives from UNT employees that have participated in a similar race relations dialogue series:


Contact Diversity & Inclusion at Diversity.Inclusion@unt.edu or call 940-565-3119 if you have further questions.