Mission, Vision, & Core Values

What We Do

The mission of ÚNeTe, the Latinx Faculty and Staff Alliance at the University of North Texas, is to provide a central source of professional and personal support to our members. ÚNeTe’s priority is aiding in efforts to increase the representation within staff and faculty members. Alongside serving our professional members, we strive to promote a sense of unity and community with our Latinx students at UNT while developing them to be culturally conscious through their higher education career. We will create a united front to advocacy and support the Latinx causes and efforts at the University of North Texas.


The vision of ÚNeTe is to mentor and guide students at the University of North Texas while exhibiting our core values and ideals. We strive to foster culture and community in our united efforts to strengthen the UNT guidance and support to UNT students, faculty, and staff.

Core Values

  • Community - Creating a sense of belonging
  • Unity - Coming together with strength
  • Culture - Embracing diversity