Names at UNT

There's a lot to know about names at UNT and how they work, but we're here to help! 

Chosen Name at UNT

You can update your first name at UNT without a legal name change using UNT's "Chosen Name" feature. You can learn more about updating using the Chosen Name feature here. After updating your chosen name you can also get a new student ID card for free. Chosen names don't display everywhere at UNT, so there will be times when your legal name still displays. We're working on a list of those times so you can be as prepared to navigate the situation as possible.

After updating chosen name, the chosen name will appear in the following locations automatically:

  1. Class Rosters
  2. portal (excluding financial aid)
  3. Email display name (but not the physical email address, which can be updated using the instructions below) 

Legal name on file with UNT will always appear:

  1. Financial aid portal and documents
  2. Transcripts

Legal Name

If you would like help updating your legal name, please utilize the walk-in hours at Student Legal Services, where folks will help you complete necessary paperwork and cover the process with you.

At UNT Transcripts and Records, legal name is often referred to as Primary Name. You can read more about that here

Email Address

After submitting a chosen name update or legal name update as outlined above, students can update their email address here.


Unfortunately, it is not yet possible to change your EUID. We are working with all of the campus partners involved in this process to make this possible and will announce when this is an available service..