Multicultural Center Education and Training

Crafting the World We Want to Live In
This presentation was created for freshman orientation students and provides a brief introduction into UNT's diversity & inclusion policies/practices highlighting the MC, PA, and OSL.

From Awareness to Action
This workshop was created for Resident Assistants during Residence Life training. It will allow participants to learn more about gender identities, race/ethnicity and how to respond to bias language. They will review resources that the MC offers.

Multicultural Center 101
Introductory presentation for student organizations/departments interested in learning about the services and resources offered by the Multicultural Center.

Leadership in a Global Society
Academic presentation typically delivered to leadership certificate courses. Students will be familiar with current student demographics and be able to discuss both external and internal identities.

My Culture is Not a Costume
This presentation was created for residence halls as a means to kickstart a conversation around cultural appropriation, race and ethnicity.

Request a training

Please allow at least 30 days before the desired training date to submit a training request. Most of the trainings provided by our office require at least an hour and 15 minutes for presentation.

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