F.L.Y. Peer Ambassador Program

About the F.L.Y. Peer Ambassador Program

The Multicultural Center is proud to advise the organization, F.L.Y. Peer Ambassador Program (Fortify the Leader in You)! The F.L.Y. Peer Ambassador Program was created to connect incoming freshman and transfer students to the University of North Texas by providing them with mentors who are upperclassmen.

Empirical studies reveal that mentorship programs greatly assist students with their transition into college life, build their social and leadership skills, and assure a secure path towards graduation. The F.L.Y. Peer Ambassador Program is an excellent way for any student to fulfill their academic and campus life needs and interests. It builds community, promotes student involvement, and encourages positive progress in their academic, social, and personal achievements.

The F.L.Y. Peer Ambassador Programs are focused on 6 key areas: 

  1. Academic Development
  2. Cultural Awareness
  3. Career and Professional Development
  4. Community Service
  5. Leadership Development 
  6. Social Relationship Development 

Some of our fun activities include game nights, community service projects, sporting events, study groups, and much more! We would love for you to participate with us!

Who can participate?

The F.L.Y. Program is open to all UNT Students. It is a UNT Student Organization! 

What are the benefits for Ambassadors?

  • Gain community service hours by serving as a mentor and participating in community service initiatives with F.L.Y.
  • Enhance your leadership and mentorship abilities
  • Make a significant impact on incoming first-year UNT students
  • Assist in increasing the likelihood of first-year UNT students returning to UNT to finish and graduating 
  • Establish connections with other UNT student leaders, as well as alumni
  • Professional experience and career preparation
  • Exposure to diverse perspectives and experiences 

What are the benefits for scholars?

  • Having a guide who knows and understands the campus resources they need 
  • Having someone who knows what it takes to be a successful student
  • Exposure to diverse perspective and experiences
  • Feeling connected to UNT
  • Building a sense of identity and confidence as a new UNT student 
  • Increase engagement, higher GPA, and more likely to return and graduate from UNT 
  • Gaining community service hours by participating in community service initiatives with F.L.Y. 

Student Leadership Team/Executive Board: The F.L.Y. Peer Ambassador Program Student Executive Board is responsible for recruiting, assisting, and supervising the Peer Ambassador within the designated committees. They assist the Peer Ambassador Program Coordinator with implementing the learning curriculum and communicating/promoting information. They are to foster positive relationships with every Ambassador. Being a student executive board member is a year-long commitment.

The leadership positions include:

  • President
  • Vice President
  • Historian
  • Community Service Coordinator
  • Public Relations Coordinator 

Peer Ambassadors: Peer Ambassadors are responsible for maintaining communication with their scholars and connecting them to resources and services that are available at UNT and in the Denton Community. Serving as a Peer Ambassador is a year-long commitment.

Scholars: Scholars are first-year students (freshmen and transfer) who are looking to be connected to the UNT Community. All scholars must opt into the program by completing an application, as well as completing a profile assists with providing them a Peer Ambassador.

Peer Ambassador Application Link (Mentor)

Our applications for The F.L.Y. Peer Ambassadors is now open! Please register to be a F.L.Y. Peer Ambassador HERE 

Leadership Team Application Link (Executive Board) 

Leadership Team applications are now closed. 

Peer Scholar Application Link (Mentee)

Our application for F.L.Y. Peer Scholars is now open! If you are interested in receiving a Peer Ambassador (mentor), please register to be a F.L.Y. Scholar at HERE