Request a Training

In addition to our open enrollment trainings, UNT community members and members of the larger community can request trainings. These trainings are offered for free based on our availability to the UNT community, but there may be fees for trainings offered to community members.

Please submit training requests no later than one month before the requested training date(s).


The following trainings can be requested from Diversity & Inclusion:

Special Sessions of Regularly Offered Trainings

Open Enrollment Trainings

Each of our open enrollment trainings can be requested for a special session offered to a specific department, division, or group. These trainings can be adapted for 1-, 2-, or 3-hour sessions.

Certificate Training Programs

Our Fundamentals of Inclusion Certificate training program can be requested for a specific department, division, or group.

Special Topics Trainings

Writing a Diversity Statement

Diversity statements are required of various individuals and groups, but what exactly are they, and how do you write them? This 1- to 2-hour training teaches participants to analyze the purpose of diversity statements and to use strategies to begin brainstorming and drafting a diversity statement, either as an individual or as a group.

White Identity and Anti-Racist Advocacy

Building on our Unlikely Allies in the Academy Series, this interactive workshop is designed to help White people examine their own identities and find a place in anti-racist advocacy.

Passing Perspectives

This 50-minute workshop uses a “Diversity Thumball” to initiate conversation about difference and our own personal perspectives. Catch the ball and if your thumb lands on questions such as “what makes you different,” “in what ways is your world diverse,” or “share a situation where you were in the minority,” you can share your own personal perspectives. The experience will help you learn more about yourself, your peers, and how diversity enriches us.

"Keep It Real" Game

“Keep it Real” board game: Your team of 5 to 18 will play diversity board game which provides participants with a powerful and enjoyable interactive experience of inclusion, bonding and bridge-building, while it facilitates a positive and dynamic environment. Facilitated dialogue will conclude this 1-1.5 hour teambuilding activity.

Custom Trainings

To meet the needs of your team, you can also request a custom training related to diversity, equity, inclusion, and social justice. Based on our availability and in keeping with our mission, we will work to design and provide custom trainings for the UNT community. If you are interested in requesting custom training for your team, please submit your request as far in advance as possible.