Campus Inclusion Climate Survey

In the fall of 2018 from October 29 to November 16, the University of North Texas distributed its first ever campus-wide climate survey to identify strengths and opportunities related to diversity, equity and inclusion to all faculty, staff, students and administrators. The survey was also available in Spanish, and served as a blueprint for future diversity, equity and inclusion efforts for the university.

Constituent-specific surveys were distributed via UNT email to faculty, staff, students and administrators with questions collecting data about their specific experiences. Incentives were provided to increase participation, and respondent anonymity was protected.


Note: You must login using your EUID credentials in order to access the climate survey results.


Erin Cristales sat down with Shani Barrax Moore and Zahra F. Khalaf to talk more in depth about the Campus Inclusion Climate Survey on UNT's podcast, UNT Pod, after the data presentation on October 12th.


Planning Process

In addition to a customized survey tool for UNT students, climate survey planning benefitted from UNT student involvement along the way:

  • Planning Committee: Students Lisa Umeh and Barrett Cole provided their leadership on the Climate Survey Planning Committee.
  • Logo: The climate survey logo was designed by UNT student Karinne West.
  • Social Media: A social media strategy was created by students of UNT’s American Marketing Association.
  • Video Editing: Master’s student Lia McChane edited the videos from UNT faculty, staff, and students sharing their perspectives on why the survey is important. The videos will also be featured in the social media campaign.
  • Student Organizations: Various student organizations will be engaged as partners to encourage students to participate.

Along with gathering these valuable perspectives, the planning committee and its partners in UNT Advancement secured incentives for students.

Planning Committee and Timeline
The Climate Survey Planning Committee has representation from faculty, staff, students and administrators across the campus appointed by the UNT President’s Cabinet. Beginning in the fall of 2017, the planning committee worked collaboratively across three subcommittees: marketing, incentives and distribution – to actualize the climate survey’s goal of awareness, engagement, and action.

Using the Viewfinder survey tool as a guide, the planning committee sought input from faculty, staff, students, and administrators to create surveys unique to UNT’s needs. Leading the charge as the first institution to request that the survey tool be translated into Spanish, UNT will provide assistance to Spanish-speaking employees (as with the Gallup Survey) so they are also able to provide their perspectives through the climate survey tool.


To encourage participation, incentives and promotional giveaway opportunities were provided for all students, faculty, staff, and administrators who completed the survey. Some incentives were awarded during the survey distribution for those who completed it and registered.

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