About Us

The White Accountability ERG at UNT exists to promote allyship, accompliceship, and anti-racist work among white employees for racial and ethnic minorities at UNT. It is a space for learning about and combating racial injustice, inequity, and inequality in UNT’s programs, policies, processes, and people. Members of the White Accountability ERG will hold fellow white employees accountable for oppressive behaviors and the systems in which those behaviors are tolerated.

Our Constitution

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What is allyship?

Allyship is when a member of an advantaged group acts against the oppression from which they derive power, privilege, and acceptance.

What is accompliceship?

Accompliceship is when a member of an advantaged group uses their privilege to directly challenge systems of oppression, at the expense of the safety of their own privilege.

What is anti-racism?

Anti-racism is not a state of being, but a way of living that results from a conscious decision to make frequent, consistent, equitable choices daily.