About the Multicultural Center

Multicultural Center

Name Job Title Email Phone
Joshua Hamilton headshot

Joshua Hamilton

Director Joshua.Hamilton@unt.edu 940-565-3424
Pamela Fuller headshot

Pamela Fuller

Sr Administrative Coordinator Pamela.Fuller@unt.edu 940-565-3424
Marcos Villarreal headshot

Marcos Villarreal

Assistant Director Marcos.Villarreal@unt.edu (940) 565-3424

Logan Williams

Assistant Director logan.williams@unt.edu (940) 565-3424

Dr. Hollie Yang

Assistant Director hollie.yang@unt.edu (940) 565-3424


Assistant Director Multicultural@unt.edu (940) 565-3424

Brianna Prado

Graduate Assistant briannalysette.prado@unt.edu 940-565-3424

Whitney Kwentoh

Graduate Assistant whitneykwentoh@my.unt.edu 940-565-3424
Kelsha Spencer headshot

Kelsha Spencer

Student Assistant Multicultural@unt.edu 940-565-3424
Peyton Jackson headshot

Peyton Jackson

Student Assistant Multicultural@unt.edu 940-565-3424

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Contact Us

Location: University Union 335
Phone: 940.565.3424
Email: multicultural@unt.edu
Hours: Fall & Spring | Monday - Friday
8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

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