4 Elements of an Inclusive Job Ad

inclusive job ad

Need help writing an inclusive job advertisement?


Here are the 4 elements of an inclusive job ad, presented by EAB.com after researching hundreds of job postings:


1. Highlight cross-campus interest in collaboration, community building, and inclusive family policies

  • Avoid only using boilerplate Equal Opportunity statements
  • Detail why you are committed to a culturally and intellectually diverse work community
  • Highlight cross-company collaborations, outreach events, pipeline development, recruiting strategies, and other methods implemented to attract more diverse candidates
  • Demonstrate empathy to familial needs


“There are many opportunities for collaboration across a broad group of partners on and off campus, including the UC NRS Stunt Ranch Reserve and White Mountains Research Center, the UCLA La Kretz Center for California Conservation Science…”

“The College is also committed to addressing the family needs of faculty, including dual career couples and single parent. For more information about relocation or career needs of accompanying partners and spouses, please visit this website.”

2. Clarify why your department in particular seeks diverse talent

  • Emphasize that equity, diversity and inclusion are important to each department in addition to the overall company as a whole
  • Explain how EDI relates to company priorities


“As a campus with a continually growing diverse student body, we encourage applications from women, minorities, and individuals with a commitment to mentoring under-represented demographics in the sciences.”

3. When possible, expand the acceptable disciplinary backgrounds listed for the position

  • Consider hiring broadly trained individuals
  • Avoid using language that narrows the candidate pool


The Department of History at Marcus College seeks to make a tenure-track appointment at the rank of assistant professor in Russian history. The department welcomes all areas and periods of specialization and expects the successful candidate to be a committed and imaginative scholar with a Ph.D. in hand or expected by September.

4. Request information on the candidate’s interest in or experience with issues of diversity and inclusion

  • Either solicit an explicit statement about commitment to diversity and inclusion, or alternatively request another statement pertaining to one particular issue of inclusion


“Applicants must send a detailed résumé and cover letter, a statement of teaching interests, a statement of research interests, and at least two publications. As part of the cover letter, we invite candidates to describe their experiences engaging a diverse student body.”

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